Sim Aquarium 3D

Sim Aquarium 3D Version 3.8.68 Free trial

Enjoy the very realistic scene of the coral reef on your computer display

Sim Aquarium 3D is the application that can show you one of the prettiest wonders of nature! Their realistic copy, to be more exact. If you decide to use this application you will have the possibility to enjoy the real feeling of coral reef aquarium in your own home. Stunning, beautiful, realistic graphics are recreating the beauty of the aquarium, and you will be able to see fishes swimming, clams, colorful sea life and the background coral reef in a 3D form.

Not only that you will enjoy in vivid moving aquarium, you will also get free aqua scenes that can be used as screensavers. Sim Aquarium 3D contains two very detailed coral reef scenes to choose from, 30 very detailed fish species that all have complex swimming moves and appearance and a highly interactive interface between fishes and the environment.
For the maximum experience you can use 3D glasses and supported monitors. Graphic effects are very realistic with fluid and physics simulations. So if you don’t have a chance or the ability to visit a magnificent coral reef or to have your own coral reef aquarium, this application will be a great choice for you. And you don’t have to feed fishes or clean the aquarium!
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